Friday, March 23, 2012

Andrew & Emmett - 7 Months

Emmett at 7 months

Andrew at 7 months


Raising twins is a truly wonderful experience.  At times, I blink my eyes and weeks have passed.  It's a constant rhythm of feeding, rocking, loving, and changing.  Add to that loving and caring for their big brother Michael and it's no wonder that I am the busiest I've ever been in my life!

I had grand intentions of updating the blog regularly, but it just hasn't been possible.  That's okay though; I just have to roll with it these days!

The twins are seven months old now! I just can't believe it!  Emmett is just a beautiful boy.  He has these amazing long eye lashes and a charming smile.  He's a mover and shaker and I expect he'll be crawling any time now!  He was 16 pounds at his last checkup, so he is definitely starting to fill out a bit.  He still likes Mommy to rock him to sleep in what we call "the position".  He wants to be held in roughly the position he was in during  the pregnancy.  It always soothes him right to sleep.

Andrew is 19 pounds (almost 20).  He smiles with his entire face.  He is a very focused baby and will play with one toy for quite some time before wanting another.  He is not all that interested in mobility.  He is a champ at sitting up and is quite content to stay there (Emmett rolls around all the time).  Andrew is a sensitive fellow.  We have to ease him into new situations.  Both babies are developing sense of who IS NOT the mama and they'll let you know it.

Big brother Michael is doing well.  He amazes me each day with the things he comes up with.  He is a bright boy and is absorbing everything I teach him like a little sponge.  Right now he's working on memorizing the months of the year and the planets.  He loves to memorize Scripture, too.  He loves his little brothers.  Unfortunately, he gets in trouble a lot for loving on them too roughly.  I know he's going to love it when they are less fragile and he can wrestle and run around with them!

Jason and I are amazed whenever we have a moment to stop and look around us.  Three wonderful boys have filled our hearts will so much love.